Friction Testing

Roadwork Industries is an Australian owned and operated company. We are proud to offer aircraft runway & road surface continuous friction testing services.

Our Griptester Mark II is the most widely used continuous friction test method for assessing runway surface skid resistance by both civilian and military airfield operators. This small, vehicle towed test rig is able to quickly and accurately test the skid resistance of new and operating runway surfaces.

  • CASA, ADF & ICAO recognised test equipment and reporting
  • Certified Technicians
  • Capital Cities, Metropolitan & Remote airport availability
  • Applicable to all road & runway surfacing types
  • Customer Focused, Flexible investigations
  • Easy to understand reports, tailor made to customer requirements
  • Faster mobilisation & Minimum Downtime
  • Lower Cost
  • Competitive rates
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Roadwork Industries Friction Tester

Certified Technicians All road & runway surfacing types Faster mobilisation Minimum Downtime Competitive rates

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